Temima is the Hebrew word for whole or pure.  And that is exactly what drives us at Temima’s: Whole grains, pure products, and delicious taste.  Simply put, we bake what we want to eat. Years ago when the supermarket landscape had few 100% whole grain, gluten-free, or vegan options, we started making what we wanted to be eating.  Clean, pure food that was both delicious and nourishing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

What is sprouted flour? 

    Sprouted flour is made from grains that have been sprouted prior to milling.  Sprouting is a two-step process: first the grain is soaked in water, then a sprout begins to grow.  Sprouting is like flipping the on switch.  Nutrients locked in the grain are released upon soaking.  When we eat a grain that has been sprouted we get to eat all of those life-supporting nutrients. 

Why is sprouting important?

    The initial soaking step removes a compound called phytic acid, which prevents our bodies from absorbing critical nutrients.  When the grain sprouts, it becomes much easier to digest.  Think about it this way — if your body works really hard to digest the food you eat and in return does not gain the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive, you will quickly become exhausted and worn out.  Your gut will be left with undigested food that leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.  Even if you are getting enough sleep and eat the “right” foods, if the food is filled with nutrients that your body can’t access, what good is it?

What makes our gluten-free products special?

    Gluten-free has a reputation that it’s healthy and can help with weight loss, but frankly, much of what is out there is garbage.  It’s a market that has been exploited by people looking to make money.  The gluten is often replaced with sugar, chemicals, and mysterious products made in laboratories.  We are adamantly against all of that.  Food should be simple and pure.  Our gluten-free cookies and brownies are gluten-free because we believe they are better that way!  None of us at the bakery follow a gluten-free diet, but these are our cookies of choice.  We use almond flour to replace standard flour, and the result is an incredibly flavored cookie that is somewhere between a cookie and a brownie in texture.  

How we pick our ingredients:

    Simple, pure, and organic as much as we can find.  As a consumer, the longer the ingredient label, the more nervous I get.  I want to be able to taste each ingredient that is listed and I want it to be there for a very specific reason, not just as a filler.  We use coconut sugar instead of cane sugar in our cookies because we love the caramel flavor, and because it is a sweetener that also provides nutrients.  We use coconut oil instead of butter in our muffins and cookies for diversity.  Many of us get dairy in other foods that we eat; we don't need more of it in our cookies.  And coconut oil makes a great cookie!  Our philosophy is to choose the best ingredient and be thoughtful about the variety of ingredients in each product.

What is einkorn?

    Einkorn is a grain that is naturally lower in gluten.  It has never been modified, which means that all the scary stuff you read about with GMOs and chemicals and who knows what…has not happened to einkorn.  It is one of the purest, unadulterated foods we have left on this planet.  And it tastes INCREDIBLE!

Ok, but I want my food to taste good!

    The entire motivating force behind Temima’s Bakery is that we want great food without having to pay the health cost.  The number one, two, and three focuses when creating our products is taste, taste, and taste.  Bottom line, the product has to taste amazing.  We love to eat.  And we eat abundantly.  If we baked with standard ingredients we would end up unhealthy, overweight, and unhappy.  We obviously didn't want any part of that story, so we pivoted and educated ourselves about different grains, sprouting, fresh approaches to nutrition, and the artisanal food movement.